[Intro] shapeArea 본문


[Intro] shapeArea

CHIqueen 2020. 3. 3. 18:11

Below we will define an n-interesting polygon. Your task is to find the area of a polygon for a given n.

A 1-interesting polygon is just a square with a side of length 1. An n-interesting polygon is obtained by taking the n - 1-interesting polygon and appending 1-interesting polygons to its rim, side by side. You can see the 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-interesting polygons in the picture below.

func shapeArea(n int) int {
    if n==1{
        return 1
    cover := 1
    for i:=2;i<n+1;i++{
        cover+= i+(i-1)*2+(i-2)
    return cover

파이썬이 아니라 Go로 풀었던 문제


하지만 정답은 매우 간단했다고 한다.


def shapeArea(n):
    return n**2 + (n-1)**2

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